Christ the King North Rocks

Liturgy Committee

The Liturgy Committee consists of the Parish Priest and Deacon as well as representatives from various parish ministries who are involved in preparing the liturgies throughout the Church calendar. The Committee meets about 10 times a year to prepare, coordinate and evaluate the liturgical activities of the Parish. The Committee currently consists of representatives from:

Ministers of the Word (George Germanos)

Acolytes (Ken Coorey)

Children’s Liturgy (Erica Rheinberger)

Altar Society (Barbara Haddad)

Musicians and Choir (Darren So and Dominic Wong)

Eucharistic Ministers (George Germanos)

Wardens (Sam Bietola)

Youth Ministry (Jamie Hoban)


Contact: Erica Rheinberger

Phone: 0402 259 326    Email:




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