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Parents speak out against NSW cuts to education



Since the New South Wales Government’s announcement to cut $1.7 billion in school education funding and cap the level of funding to non-government schools over the next four years, parents have been vocal in their opposition to the decision.

To assist school communities in raising awareness of this issue, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta has launched a campaign website to provide school and parish communities with resources and information about the school funding cuts. Resources include sample letters to MPs, slogans for school talking signs and interviews with concerned educators.

In a message on the website, Executive Director of Schools Greg Whitby said the government’s decision to make cuts in school education was 'mind boggling'.

"At a time when there is general agreement that we need to invest more into the education of our young people, it is mind boggling that the NSW Government plans to reduce funding to all schools by three per cent," Greg said.

"There is no more important investment in society than the one in education. Education is the cornerstone upon which the next generation of ideas and innovation will emerge.’

Rita and Bruno Davino, parents of four children in the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, said they were shocked by the lack of consultation or warning from the government prior to the announcement.

"It was definitely a turn-about in what the Liberal Government said in their pre-election promises that education would not be touched," Rita said. "It was one of the things we considered when making our vote."

Rita added this is not about ‘us versus them’ in regards to government and non-government schools, they want fair and equitable funding for all regardless of choice.

"Catholic schools offer what we are looking for for our children. It is a democratic country and we have a right to want a faith based education for our children. It’s our choice," she said.

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