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A happy marriage ‘has Christ at its centre’


Catholic Outlook September 2013 Willy and Beth Limjap Story
Candidate for the Permanent Diaconate Willy Limjap and his wife, Beth.
Photo: Virginia Knight

By Virginia Knight,
Catholic Outlook September 2013

For Beth and Willy Limjap of St Nicholas of Myra Penrith Parish, not only is their marriage the very centre of their lives, but for them a happy marriage has Christ at its centre.

“The person of Christ in the midst of our marriage has been and will continue to be the main source of strength in our lives as husband and wife, and as parents,” Willy said.

“The bond which we now have in our marriage is because of Christ’s presence. The spiritual element is always there to provide the main difference in rising to meet any form of challenge.” 

The couple has for many years been Chapter Leaders of Couples for Christ for the Nepean region. More recently, they have taken on the role of marriage preparation educators in their parish.

“Our mission is to embrace our Christianity as husband and wife with the focus on family and relationships, in both a spiritual and practical sense,” Willy said. “Our work with Couples for Christ has helped us in discerning to join the ordained ministry of the Permanent Diaconate.

“Becoming a deacon first came to mind a bit over five years ago; we have been with Couples for Christ for 17 years. I have also been doing lay pastoral ministry work in the parish and hospital for almost 15 years.” 

Very Rev Chris de Souza VG EV, then Director of Formation for the Permanent Diaconate, encouraged Willy to attend the Pastoral Formation course at the Parramatta Institute for Mission as part of his discernment process.

Last year, Willy was admitted to candidacy for the Permanent Diaconate.

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