Christ the King North Rocks

Parish History

This is the spectacular sight you see when you look up at our roof from inside our church:

Parish History

It never fails to inspire a presence.

But it was not always like this. In October, 1969, priests from Parramatta began to offer Sunday Mass in the North Rocks Community Centre for the people at North Rocks.


Parish History
A picture of the first Presbytery in Statham Ave. This house came from Nymagee a small mining town between Cobar and Condoblin NSW and transported to Sydney in Statham Aveneue by Mr. Rooney. It was once a convent in Nymagee.

The parish was formally instituted on February 3, 1970 and on February 8 the first Mass of the new parish was offered at the Centre.

In the evening a meeting was held in the Centre to welcome our first Parish Priest, Father Eric Burton.

On Friday February 27 a parish census was undertaken and 1250 Catholic people were found in the area.

They were difficult times because the Centre was being used by other groups which meant Vestments and Altar requirements had to be transported every time. Nevertheless, a real spirit of togetherness was evident.

On May 10 Fr Burton took up residence at 17 Statham Avenue and from the following morning weekday Masses were offered at the cottage. The Presbytery became the focal point of the Parish.

On June 2 a public meeting was held to discuss the building of a Church and School on land opposite the then presbytery. Objections from residents to the development of the site forced the Parish to sell the site and purchase the land where the present Church Hall and School stand. November 15 saw children of the Parish make their First Holy Communion having been prepared by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan from Pennant Hills and C.C.D. catechists. Preparation classes were held on the verandah at No. 17.


In March parishioners realised the need for finances to erect parochial buildings and the first planned giving program was introduced. On July 4 the first Annual General Meeting of the parish was held.

During the period mid-1970 to end of 1971 negotiations to purchase the present site of the church-hall and school and sell the original site were being conducted. Approval was finally given and the site obtained a few days before Christmas, 1971.  Working bees cleared the site of old car bodies, extensive belts of blackberry and the remains of a couple of old houses in preparation for building.


May 28, 1972 saw Confirmation administered by Bishop E Kelly, MSC. The parish building program was approved by the Archdiocese authorities on August 30. As local orders of religious teachers were unable to help, an approach to the Holy Faith Sisters in Canberra and then Dublin was made. After much correspondence and many prayers, eventually on August 15, the generous decision was taken by the Superior General and her council in Ireland to send two sisters.

Enrolments for Kindergarten and 1st Class were taken in the Community Centre on a hot Sunday afternoon, October 8, by Sisters Helen and Aloysia (now Sr Marie), who came from Canberra for the occasion.


Parish History
Sisters Elizabeth and Catherine with father Eric Burton viewing the site of the new church and school arrived to conduct the new school on January 23 and 25, 1973, and they lived with the Sisters of Mercy at Castle Hill.

Our school with Sister Catherine as Principal opened on January 31 for Kindergarten, first and second classes at St Gerard's Parish Hall, Carlingford.

Building began on February 1, 1973 (the Feast of St Brigid of Ireland).  It then rained for six weeks.

Later that year on November 12, our own new school building opened and the children moved from Carlingford back into their own parish to become the first pupils to attend the new school.


Parish History
Sisters Elizabeth, Sr Catherine & Sr Carmel.

The Holy Faith Sisters moved into their convent at Winston Hills and Srs. Catherine and Elizabeth travelled daily to the school at North Rocks.

In the same month (January) the first lay teachers were appointed, Mrs Patricia Taylor and Mrs Maree Salkeld. From this time we witnessed many important occasions:

  • Cardinal Freeman came to bless and open the Church on August 4
  • First Baptisms in new Church on August 11.  Also St Vincent de Paul Society was formed on this day.
  • First Marriage took place on September 12 between Brian Paton and Peta Attwood.
  • First meeting of Parents and Friends took place on September 27.
  • Parish Mission by Redemptorist Fathers on October 16.


Parish History
  • Primary school building blessed and opened by Bishop Clancy on June 8.
  • Fr Burton's Silver Jubilee on July 22.


  • Land purchased at 1 Statham Avenue in May.
  • November 14 was the first Fete
  • Youth Group inaugurated on November 28.
  • Fr Burton in residence at new Presbytery at 1 Statham Avenue on December 23.


Parish Resource centre opened.


  • Installation of Acolytes in Parish
  • Sr. Elizabeth's farewell - December 10.


  • January - St Aloysia (Marie) joined school staff.
  • March 13 - First Ecumenical Service held in Church.


  • Site at 10 Statham Avenue (the current presbytery) was obtained July 1.
  • September 28 - Fr Robert Fuller appointed as first Assistant Priest.
  • Sheltershed under primary building converted to resource room, staff room, toilets, P.E. room and storeroom.


  • Extension to school including 2 classrooms and library and joining verandah.  Tiered seating also constructed.


  • Retention of "the bank" with rock garden


  • Our first lay Principal, Mr Ted Langford, was appointed to the school.

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